Janine Kane

Registered Nurse, works at North Metropolitan TAFE as a Nurse Lecturer. 

Completed a Grad Cert in Clin Sim at Monash in 2015 and went on to  present at the Australasian Sim Conference in 2017 and a poster presentation at the inaugural meeting of WASHA . 

Developed and delivered a successful SIM program at Tafe which is aimed at better preparing student nurses for the clinical environment by building their confidence and communication skills. 

Committee member of WACHS, developing online resources for sustainable supervision of students. 

Focus is on developing role play simulations to  enhance learning experiences in Enrolled nursing.

Specific interest in using Sim based training to improve patient safety.

Motto : ” Learning should be fun as well as informative for both the lecturer and the student.”

WASHA roles

2019-21 Ordinary committee member

  • Community portfolio – social media presence