Leah Proctor

Current Professional Situation: Fiona Stanley Medical Education Unit, Perth, Australia Government department based out of Fiona Stanley Hospital. Providing education, guidance and support to the junior doctor segment. Simulation Education Officer – 2015 – Present. It’s a new unique role which provides assistance and implementation of simulation, other education sessions for mainly medical staff though expanding into the multidisciplinary area.

Key Responsibilities: · Plan, organise, implement and evaluate simulation, mandatory training and other education sessions for medical staff · Assist the Director of Clinical Services with delivering simulation needs to staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital examples are weekly RRCD Training, MET Obs training. · The Translational Simulation Consultation Service (STEPS – Simulation To Enhance Patient Safety). STEPS is currently in the trial stage. This is an innovative, consultation/referral simulation service available to all clinical departments at FSH. Leah is heavily involved in the implementation of this new service. · Co-ordination of six SimStart Courses (Simulation Instructor style course) over the past three years, with 108 participants having attended this course.

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2018-20 Ordinary committee member

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