Rory Trawber

Since February 2018, Rory has been employed as the Director of Clinical Simulation for FSH. This is a part time role (3 days/fortnight). The role encompasses, co-ordinating and over-seeing RRCD health care simulation for the HOOT (Hospital out of hours team) and MET (Medical emergency team) teams. These sessions are run weekly, and involve providing a introduction to simulation / safety pre-brief / introduction to space and equipment / simulation observation / simulation event debriefing / debriefing the debrief. The sessions focus on the non-technical areas of crisis resource management. Rory is currently expanding the role to include the development of a Translational Simulation Consultation Service (STEPS – Simulation To Enhance Patient Safety). STEPS will be “live” from September 2018. This is an innovative, consultation/referral simulation service available to all clinical departments at FSH. Following a successful pilot scheme, STEPS could be progressed to other hospitals within metro Perth. In 2017, Rory was a participant on the SimStart Course run at FSH. This provided him with a great basis to simulation, and further cemented his passion for health care simulation. Prior to Simstart, he had encountered health care simulation through both the S.T.A.B.L.E. course and Neonatal resuscitation programme.In September 2018, Rory attended the Centre for Medical Simulation, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA to participate in the Comprehensive Simulation Instructor Course

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2018-9 Ordinary committee member

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